Jan 18, 2013

Olympian Garrett Weber-Gale comes to SCAC :: Feb 2

Back in 2002 we met Garrett, this down-to-earth, fireball of inspiration who has proven that his goals and motivations in and out of the pool are unstoppable. In 2005, Garrett became even more of an inspiration. After he was diagnosed with high blood pressure, he went on to overcome his challenge and earned two gold medals in the summer Olympics in Beijing in 2008. Also that same year, he founded AthleticFoodie. AF blends his passion for creating tasty, healthy food with fitness and shows how we can make it a part of everyday life.

On Saturday, Feb. 2, Garrett stops by SCAC to give us the run down on making good nutrition easier, purpose-driven fitness, and (re)discovering what motivates you.

Latest blog post: My Goal For More Leg Power

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Dec 18, 2012

Eat real food in 2013!

Courtesy of our friend Taylor Collins of Thunderbird Energetica:
"With the end of each year, we are faced with the dreadful New Years Resolution. Everyone is guilty of making promises that go unfulfilled or sipping on a glass of champagne that tastes of a twinge of regret. You didn’t go on that raw diet and lose those 50lbs and your biceps haven’t reached the same circumference as those of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. So, you swear again – this is the year, this is the time, and you’re going to do things differently. And then you falter.
I always find that our failures are a direct result of impossible standards. We set goals that are too high and place restrictions on what we are not allowed to do. This manifests itself into our self-imposed diets and is the root cause of our failures.

This year, instead of telling yourself what you cannot do, tell yourself what you can. Translate this into your diet, by laying out what foods you can eat and not ones that you cannot. It’s acceptance, not restriction. I personally have found success in the adoption of a diet rich in nutrient-dense whole foods. There are a plethora of vegetables and fruits that you can ADD to your diet, as well as a number of other ingredients which have nutrient-dense, healing properties.

We embraced this philosophy in forming Thunderbird energy bars. The Cherry Walnut Crunch has turmeric, cinnamon, and tart cherries, for their anti-inflammatory properties. Our Cacao Hemp Walnut is packed full of chia seeds and hemp seeds, which are some of the best plant-based protein sources. Three of our bars contain dates, which are calcium rich and dense in Vitamin B-complex (fact check that). We didn’t look at ingredients in terms of caloric or fat-restriction, but what each individual substance could add to our bodies.

With the new year, we should look at a diet resolution in terms of added nutrients and not impossible restriction. Our earth has provided us with an abundant source of ingredients that we should use to our betterment and to deprive ourselves of such will only set us up for another year of failure. We at Thunderbird Energetica create our bars to help you meet your goals of eating real food in 2013. With conveniently packaged nutrient dense whole foods that tastes amazing, Thunderbird bars can help you kick off 2013 in a majestic fashion."

Dec 10, 2012


Happy Holidays! Gym Hours are:

Mon 12/24: 8am - 12pm
Tue 12/25: Closed
Wed 12/26: Closed

Mon 12/31: Open til 7pm
Tue 1/1: Closed

Sep 18, 2012


SCAC is a place where you are known by name and where you can come to experience fitness on a balanced level. We are a community dedicated to integrating movement and fitness into our daily lives as a means of strengthening body, mind, and spirit. Our mission is to help you create a healthy lifestyle that meets you where you are and produces results that you can see and feel.

No matter what your age, we believe that education is key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle and using that education to develop individualized, highly effective fitness programs. While our feet are firmly planted in strength training, our facility supplements this foundation with:

+ personal training
+ massage & bodywork
+ physical therapy
+ chiropractic care
+ pilates
+ yoga

3-Day Trial: Free
Thinking about becoming a member? Come on down, pick up a punch card and give it a try!


Individual $45/mo
Buddy $40/mo/pp
Family I $60/mo (1 adult + 1 child)
Family II $75/mo (2 adults + 1 child)
+ Youth & senior rates also available.

Membership includes:
+ Full gym access to weights, cardio & functional equipment, locker room facilities
+ 1 free personal training session
+ Great rates on Yoga & Pilates class cards (see below)
+ 1 free month if you pay for a year up front
+ No yearly contract required

Good for those with hectic schedules or out-of-town folk.

1 Day Pass $15
7 Day Pass $35
10 Workout Card $85

Within our warm & welcoming studio space, you'll find a place for movement & balance, humor & growth. You'll also meet wonderful instructors who will guide & inspire your Yoga & Pilates practice.

See a full class schedule here!

Drop In (NM/M) $15/$10

5 Class Card $68/$45
10 Class Card $120/$75
20 Class Card $190/$100

Co-owners Marc and Tracy Frazier have been in the gym business collectively for 30 years. Marc has over 27 years of experience in strength training that began for him while working at Austin's Texas Athletic Club in 1979. In 1986, TAC closed and Marc moved on to Mike Graham's newly opened Hyde Park Gym, where he honed his training techniques and built gym equipment for 20 years. Included in the mix is over 10 years of massage therapy / injury management and it is this unique combination along with a genuine care for his clients and gym members that earned him Austin Chronicle's Best Trainer with Hearts and Smarts in 2004. Indefatigable, warm and infinitely curious, Tracy brings her background in psychology, education and business administration to SCAC.

Jun 20, 2012


SCAC is pleased to host Thomas Myers, author of Anatomy Trains
in his newest workshop for health & fitness professionals:

Oct 25, 2012

Fascia is the missing element in fitness training. After many years of being the 'Cinderella' of body tissues, new research into the fascinating role of our body's sinews has revealed new strategies for building our 'fascial body' to balance the strength and tone we are bringing to the muscular tissues in training.

This one-day course, designed for the personal trainer, fitness coach, Pilates, yoga or martial arts instructor, brings together a rich diversity of new images of fascial dissections and research findings to understand the surprising and integrative role of fascia in force transmission, injury, and repair. The day will include demonstrations and practical applications shown to produce maximum strength and resilience and to prevent injury (most injuries are connective tissue injuries).

See and feel the various layers and types of fascial tissue and understand how ‘sensori-motor-amnesia’ can rob us of our full potential, and how all the fascial tissues ‘hang together’ to make total body movement.

$150 ($195 after Sept 1)

Thomas Myers studied with Drs. Ida Rolf, Moshe Feldenkrais, and Buckminster Fuller, and has practiced integrative bodywork for over 30 years in Europe, the UK, and the USA. He incorporates many movement and manual disciplines. Tom is the author of the best-selling book, Anatomy Trains (Elsevier 2001), as well as over 60 articles for trade magazines and journals and a dozen video programs on fascial technique and dissection.

Apr 29, 2012

SCAC welcomes Stillpoint Pilates

We are so proud to welcome Lisa Fehrman with Stillpoint Pilates Studio. Coupling the strength training at SCAC with Pilates has been a dream of ours and now it's finally coming true in a big way!

[By appointment. Contact the studio 512.658.2928]

[5-class card $50 :: Drop in $12 :: Available at SCAC]

Why would you do Pilates?

Core strength and more. Getting every muscle in the body working as it is designed and coordinated with other muscles.

Pilates helps you feel better. There is little repetitive motion so more interesting change of positions. Pilates targets the whole body and stimulates nervous system.

For coordination and balance. We work to retrain habitual patterns getting the body to move as it is designed.

Help with posture. Poor posture leads to pain and dysfunction.

Stabilization vs mobilization. Learn how to stabilize one muscle group while mobilizing another.

Stillpoint Pilates teaches a method of physical conditioning based on the teachings of Joseph H. Pilates. Pilates is a system of sequential and carefully performed movements, each designed to lengthen and strengthen the muscles involved. This exercise system helps to open joints and release tension, resulting in a new sense of well-being. Pilates focuses on strengthening the “core” muscles, which consist of the abdomen, lower back, and buttocks. By participating in Pilates exercises, clients can look forward to improving body-alignment, balance, coordination, and muscle tone. Finally, Pilates training can help to develop a longer, leaner physique, improve posture, and promote appropriate breathing techniques. We are a teacher training facility. We have interns observing occasionally and also have availability for intern priced training.